The problems facing the Shakers and the Trotters football teams are symptomatic of wider problems within the beautiful game.

The Shakers nickname for Bury Football Club was first used in 1892 before the Lancashire cup final against Everton. Club chairman Mr J T Ingham was asked how his team would fare against the stronger outfit. ‘We will shake them’, he said, ‘We are the Shakers’.

He was right too. Sadly, it looks like the communal hub of this small but industrious town famous for its market and black pudding will be shaking them no more, now it has been expelled from the English Football League. A similar fate awaits who knows how many more.

This is all down to the avarice of those who see football clubs merely as something to be milked dry and the growing gulf between league clubs and the top tier whose only concern is for money. This cankerous greed rotting the very grass roots of football will come back to bite them soon enough.

Brian McCusker,

Hartoft Street, York