I SHARE Mr Laverack’s concerns about Swinson House being lost (Conservation areas are supposed to conserve, Letters, August 17). It must be one of the few examples of what I would describe as the 1930s corporate style in York.

I feel an opportunity was lost when Ryedale House was not demolished and replaced with a building more in sympathy with its environs. Likewise, the same applies to the tax office on St Saviours Place. The view down one of the most attractive Georgian Streets in York must remain affected by a structure totally out of keeping with its surroundings.

I understand why these buildings were renovated and retained, because the way in which they were constructed makes conversion an easier proposition. I assume that the manner in which Swinson House was built does not lend it to easy adaptation.

Finally, the proposal to demolish the Society Bar in Rougier Street causes me some concern. I wonder whether, if someone were to chip away some of the rendering, they would find a medieval timber-framed structure?

Peter H N Turner,

Whin Road, Dringhouses, York