You report the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, as saying that the ‘EU will blink first’ on Brexit (The Press, August 20). Mr Johnson must know that no advantage whatsoever accrues to the European Union or to any of its member states from the UK’s ceasing to be a member.

What possible benefit is it to the EU to make any effort to reduce the self-inflicted damage incurred by any member who decides to opt out ? The Brexiteers’ case is that Brexit will harm the EU more than it will harm us. It seems that the other 27 member states collectively do not agree.

Maurice Vassie,

Cartmans Cottage, Deighton, York

Worth fighting over?

The contrived furore over the Irish border reminds me of the New York cop who came across two men fighting. “Are you fighting over Ireland?” he asked. “No officer,” was the reply. “Carry on, then.” Shortly after, the cop returned, swinging his baton. “Perhaps you think Ireland is not worth fighting over?”

AV Martin,

Westfield Close,

Wigginton, York