A SUCCESSFUL weightlifter from York is set to compete on the world stage.

Jules Child, 42, from Foxwood, has qualified for the World’s Strongest Woman competition, at the Official Strongman games, later this year.

The event, held in Florida over the first week of November, invites the strongest men and women from across the world to battle it out for the coveted prize.

Jules, who is a senior scientist in the microbiology department at York Hospital, qualified for the competition after finishing third in the female Strongman British Masters competition and fifth in Strongman European championships.

She said that she only took up the sport two years ago but has already had her fair share of success.

“I began crossfit training and some of my friends said I would be an excellent weightlifter.

“I won my first competition in 2017 in Doncaster and it has since taken off from there.

“I have achieved two consecutive third-place spots in the British championships as well as second and fifth place at the European Championships so I am hoping this year I can go further at the world championships.

“I recently got a new trainer and we train together at Ultra Flex gym in York.

“She also competes in the competitions so we help motivate one another. I’ve got a few more months until it begins but I am already feeling in strong condition.

“I have recently taken on local nutritionist Sarah Whitney as well as a new physio team who keep me injury free so this year I am in the best possible condition to try and bring back the gold medal for Britain.”

To follow Jules' progress,visit https://urlzs.com/rBwvP