A MAN harassed a woman by making her the subject of other men’s “depraved” sexual gratification, a court heard.

Andrew Philip Abram, 37, posted sexual pictures of the woman on internet forums and websites and used her Facebook account to contact other people without her permission, John Batchelor, prosecuting, told York Crown Court.

He suggested to her former boyfriends they had sex with her so he could watch.

She only found out what he had done when a stranger contacted her with personal details about her Abram had given him and making a sexual comment about her.

Abram told police the internet campaign had been his way of coping with the “lustful feeling” he had for the woman.

Mr Batchelor said other people had “recycled” the pictures by posting them on websites themselves or adding obscene images to them.

The “recycling” could be ongoing and it was impossible to say how widely the pictures had been published.

In a victim personal statement, the woman said: “I am concerned Andrew’s harassment will never stop.”

She said the postings had been used for “what can only be described as depraved gratification”.

Abram’s actions had led to her being off work with panic attacks and had made her afraid to answer her front door. They had also impacted on her family, the court was told.

Abram, of Swinsty Court, Rawcliffe, pleaded guilty to publishing sexual photographs without permission and harassment.

He cried as he was given an eight-month prison sentence suspended for two years on condition he does 40 days’ rehabilitative activities and 200 hours’ unpaid work.

He was also banned indefinitely from contacting the woman directly or indirectly.

The court heard it was possible his actions had been the result of a “deep-rooted psychological” cause rather than malicious and that he needed help in overcoming this and his alcohol dependency.

For Abram, Victoria Smith-Swain said he had had depression for many years and misused cocaine and alcohol.

But he was now tackling his problems and had reduced his drinking to £70 a week.