Jeremy Corbyn must think the British people are fools.

He says he is against a no deal Brexit and his plan is to win a no confidence vote, become a caretaker Prime Minister, call a snap election and then campaign for a Labour government who will cancel a no deal Brexit.

In short the only way this plan will work is for the country to be stuck with Corbyn as Prime Minister for the next five years. The electorate will never ever put this man in power so all he will achieve is to delay the inevitable.

If he really wants to avoid a no deal Brexit he should say his first act as caretaker Prime Minister will be to call a second referendum before any snap election and once this is over we can have a normal General Election without the overhang of Brexit.

What’s the point some will say? Perfectly simple. We know more about Brexit and the EU now than we did in 2016 and all but the very hardened Brexiteers who are not interested in learning the truth will now vote remain. The vote won’t be close - it will be massively in favour of remain and no party will dare campaign in an election race for Brexit.

Come on Jeremy - put your country before your ideology.

Tony Taylor,

Grassholme, Woodthorpe, York

Someone needs to lead opposition to Johnson

Tim Murgatroyd’s columns always arouse attacks from the ‘right wing’. Personally I find that he can be trusted to write well documented good sense. We badly need to face the dangers of a right wing government and a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Let’s hope that this can be halted before it’s too late. Jeremy Corbyn might not be the ideal leader to set in motion an opposition to Boris but someone needs to do it.

Jean Frost,

Heworth, York

Corbyn’s not great - but Johnson’s worse...

I share Peter Rickaby’s horror at the thought of Corbyn as PM (Caretaker Corbyn?, Letters, August 20). Until I look at what PM Johnson and his multi-millionaire cabinet are doing to this country on behalf of their billionaire backers...

Anthony Day,

Lastingham Terrace, York