FOLLOWING continued success of an award winning North Yorkshire store, the owner has announced a new venture.

Liz Kemp, owner of Kemps general store, Malton, has opted to broaden her horizons by opening up a new branch.

'Kemps on the Coast' will open this summer in Whitby.

The original Kemps General Store, curated by Liz, sells gifts and for the home. These are mostly British made and often sourced locally.

Liz describes the new sister store as "Kemps but with a salty twist".

She added: "I looked far and wide for the right location for the next Kemps and Whitby is perfect. It's heritage, its constant residential community and excellent visitor numbers played a part in my decision.

"I also recognise the growing success and investment in Whitby and its year round attraction. It’s a hot destination and I’m looking forward to riding that wave."

In 2018 and 2019 Kemps Malton was included in UK’s Small Business Saturday, in which just 100 businesses across the country are nominated annually.

Kemps was also a finalist in the UK’s Best Newcomer Award for the Greats Independent Gift Retailer of the Year and was shortlisted for a FSB Celebrating Small Business Award 2019.

Liz said: "We welcome browsers and I’m working hard to create an ambience that is unique to Whitby.

The hauntingly beautiful Whitby Abbey, the links with Bram Stoker and today’s superb Goth presence is just wonderful. I feel as though I’m let loose in a sweetshop and I can’t wait to open."

The new shop, which will provide 420 sq ft of retail space, is located in Grape Lane, Whitby. Renovation work is now underway with plans to open this month.