Once again, we see the dispiriting spectacle of a British Prime Minister being undermined and criticised by his/her colleagues. Do these people realise the damage they are doing by not supporting our chief representative in the EU negotiations? The impression is that we are weak and divided.

As for a no-deal Brexit, in any ‘divorce’ situation, the best way to reach a sensible and mutually beneficial agreement may be to convince the reluctant partner that while an amicable separation is preferable, either way, they sincerely intend to leave.

Three years after a decision was apparently made, we are still dithering. It is obvious that total agreement will never be reached, we can’t please all of the people, but sometimes decisions must be made and acted upon. If we can’t decide, in effect, a decision has been made to stay with the status quo. Any decision, wise or not so wise, is better than the current uncertainty. It really is make your mind up time.

Pamela Brown,

Goodwood Grove, York

Caretaker Corbyn?

Jeremy Corbyn as caretaker Prime Minister? Perish the thought!

Peter Rickaby,

West Park, Selby