The Liberal Democrat-led council has agreed among its key priorities to deliver well paid jobs and an inclusive economy for York.

This is positive news after the past four years of the Lib Dems running the council with the Conservatives. In that time there was no interest in York’s economic growth, resulting in our city’s workers experiencing the biggest real terms wage drop in the country last year. It’s for this reason there is concern from Labour that this new priority will not be taken seriously.

Since 2015 York has seen part-time work increase, jobs paid below the Living Wage reach 26 per cent and house prices rise to over 10.5 times the average York income.

Taking action to tackle our city’s low wage-high housing cost economy is urgent. People deserve opportunities to earn enough to make ends meet and not see such a significant chunk of their income disappear on a place to live.

The goal of inclusive growth and higher wages is welcome. We remain to be convinced whether it will be achieved under the Lib Dems given their track record.

Cllr Claire Douglas,


Chestnut Avenue, York