A CONTEMPORARY artist is marking the end of an exhibition by giving away limited edition bottles of curdled milk.

Annabel McCourt’s ‘Suffering Arcadia’ can be seen at the Scarborough Art Gallery until Sunday, September 1.

One of commissioned works of the exhibition, ‘Happy Hour in the Harmful Factory’, features a fridge full of small bottles of milk.

Annabel said: “I knew that the seemingly innocuous milk would be controversial, that is its purpose, to spark debate.

When the exhibition ends, 50 art lovers will be able to take home a limited edition part of the installation – one of the bottles of milk, signed and numbered by the artist.

Simon Hedges, head of curation, collections and exhibitions at Scarborough Museums Trust, said: “As time has gone on, the piece has developed into a more fulfilled version of Annabel’s thoughts, the work has matured like a good cheese.”