THE English Civil War is coming to North Yorkshire with plans to re-create the Battle of Marston Moor over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The Sealed Knot will re-enact one of the most decisive battles in British history - which divided the nation - at Scampston Hall, near Malton on August 25 and 26.

Spokeswoman Shelley Rudge said hundreds of ‘troops’ would stage massed musket and cannon fire, the steady beat of the drums, the charge of cavalry and the clash of pike.

She said the King’s failure to secure Hull, the second largest store of weapons in the country, at the beginning of the war probably contributed significantly to sowing the seeds of ultimate defeat..

She said the Royalists scored important victories - perhaps their first significant one of the war at Seacroft Moor and the knockout blow of Parliament’s forces in the North at Adwalton Moor.

“It was at Marston Moor that the King’s Northern Army and that of his nephew Prince Rupert met defeat and destruction at the hands of a Parliament Army and its Scottish allies,” she said.

“Defeat heralded the emergence of a talented leader and cavalry commander, Oliver Cromwell. With defeat came the fall of York to Parliament and the loss of the North as a powerhouse to the Royalists.”

She said the ‘Living History camp’ would open at noon on Sunday August 25 and Monday August 26 and the battle would be fought at 2.30pm on both days, with entry £5 per person over 16, and under 16s going free. Tickets would be available on the gate or in advance at She added that there would be additional charges to visit Scampston Hall, Walled Garden and Parkland.