ANGRY motorists said they suffered a traffic nightmare for a second time as they tried to leave the BBC Countryfile Live event at Castle Howard yesterday evening.

Drivers tweeted that it took them hours to get to the stately home and now they can't get out of the car park.

One tweeted: "We’ve been sat in this car park for almost an hour. Nobody is moving. Everyone seems to be fighting and so aggressive. Such a disappointing end to a great day.

Asked to clarify whether punches had been thrown, she told The Press: "Lots of arguing and swearing! Banging on windscreens, shouting, aggressive drivers - it’s awful. We’ve gone back in - not sitting for another hour in that."

Another tweeted: "I’m here to tell you that the idea British people are happy to queue is not holding up to the reality of what is happening at the CountryfileLive event right now. Some very angry people, some bad language and a steward yelling at all and sundry."

Organisers tweeted: "We're working to get people out of the carparks as quickly as possible - there are a huge number of cars leaving simultaneously and this is impacting the speed to empty them with people pushing in at the front of queues. Big apologies for your wait."

A motorist tweeted: "Here we go again. 3 hours to get in this morning and literally going nowhere to get off the field on way back. Is there actually anybody managing the traffic?"

Another complained: "This is a joke, haven’t moved for 40 minutes,' while another tweeted: "Can you please get some traffic control on the car park, it's gridlocked."

Another driver claimed that they managed to find and speak to a marshall who said there weren’t enough of them to deal with the volume of cars.

One driver said they had witnessed 'civil disobedience in action, with people refusing to sit stationary for hours in poorly managed traffic when there’s a perfectly usable exit road from the other side of showground - cars escaping this way while stewards run around like headless chickens.'

Another tweeted: "What a nightmare! Poor traffic management is spoiling what was a fantastic event (when we eventually got here). Was hoping the exit would be better organised - clearly not to be!"

Organisers responded: "We can only ask you to be patient and stick to the guided routes. The people skipping queues will be dealt with at the exit by marshalls to keep the traffic flowing

"We are exiting people as quickly as possible but it appears a lot of people are looking to leave at the same time.

"We are experiencing high levels of people all leaving at the same time - we're exiting people as quickly as possible but it will need some patience right now!"