If anybody from First York is reading this I have a free, simple lesson on economics for you. If you want me to ever consider becoming one of your customers then make the cost of my journey with your company cheaper than driving in my own car.

If anybody at the council who enjoys spouting a lot of campaigning rhetoric about the environment wishes me to do likewise, then the same argument applies. Millions are spent from our taxes making routes easier for the buses and more inconvenient for the motorist, but until public transport becomes the cheaper option I will not be using it.

I’m not alone in that philosophy, so either stop wasting valuable public resources helping a local monopoly to shave a few seconds off journey times past the hospital or start introducing fare limits that make economic sense to customers.

One source of cost inefficiency might be the stream of empty double decker buses regularly running between the campuses of the university, but that’s not for us to solve. All customers care about is getting good value for money.

Dr Scott Marmion, Woodthorpe, York