A FULL review of traffic around Bishophill could be carried out following the part closure of Micklegate Bar.

The Bar was temporarily closed to outbound traffic for 18 months following a decision last July.

Cllr Jonny Crawshaw, who first proposed closing the route in order to protect the ancient monument, is now calling for the closure to be made permanent.

And fellow Micklegate councillor Pete Kilbane says the council could look at other measures to change traffic in the area.

Senior councillors will look at whether to make the Micklegate Bar closure permanent at a meeting on August 29 and Cllr Crawshaw said: “I believe the temporary closure has had a hugely positive impact in terms of preserving the ancient scheduled monument of Micklegate Bar.

“It has had a similarly positive impact on Micklegate itself, which is now a far more pleasant street as a result of the reduced traffic.

“It is my understanding that the vast majority of traders also support making the outbound closure permanent and I believe the closure has overwhelming support in the wider community too. I hope this will be a straight forward decision.”

He has also asked for signs to be installed at the bottom of Micklegate to make it clear to drivers that there is no access to Blossom Street.

Cllr Kilbane said if the closure is approved further steps could be taken to improve the area for pedestrians.

He said: “We have called for a wider review of traffic management in the Bishophill area - linked to the access scheme at Victoria Bar - given the clear potential for improving resident access to Bishophill whilst making public realm improvements at both Micklegate and Victoria Bars.

“It also makes sense that should Micklegate Bar closure be made permanent, the street itself is made one-way to motor vehicle traffic with a contraflow cycle lane.

“We look forward to working with the executive member and highways officers to deliver these improvements for residents.”