A YORK trio is planning to open a new community scheme to help loneliness and social cohesion in York.

Mel Pitchford, 40, Emma Leslie, 30, and Lianne Asbury 30, from Acomb, have created a new community hub in Acomb, York that they hope will “bring people from all walks of life together”.

The Big T is scheduled to open at Acomb Parish Church Hall on September 4 and will run on the first Wednesday of every month.

The initiative will include free meals, social games, and organised events to help people who are feeling alone in the area to meet new members of the community.

Founder, Mrs Pitchford, said that the initiative will be working with lots of different traders throughout Acomb.

She said: “Morrisons and The Co-operative will be donating food for us to host free meals for people who want something to eat.

“We are also working with florists and charities such as Age UK and The Good Samaritans to make sure we can help address loneliness, which seems to be on the rise in York and throughout the UK, and hopefully set a precedent for others to follow.

“More and more older people are increasingly feeling alone but this can help them give something to do and hopefully make friends with others.

“We want to help social inclusion, which I think is becoming a real issue so hopefully this group can help Acomb become one.

“It will be one big party. A place where people can share old memories and new ones.

“We are also hoping to invite a few bands, or musicians to play regular sets.

"Music is a brilliant way to create happiness so if anyone is willing to perform we would love to hear from them.”

To get in touch with the group, via email at TheBigT@gmail.com