FOUR dogs from a York animal centre are looking for permanent homes with new owners.

The York RSPCA Home has put out an appeal to rehome a batch of furry inmates.

Peter Gorbert, York RSPCA branch manager, said animals come in to them in one of two ways, because their owners become unable to meet the needs of their pets or they are rescued by RSPCA inspectors.

He said: “Often it is the animals with the most tragic stories that prove to be the hardest to rehome.”

Designer breeds and puppies are said to find families easily, while bigger dogs and those with medical conditions can spend months in the home

Peter said: “It’s a struggle every day not to take all the animals home yourself especially when you know what some of them have been through.

Peter provided information on the current long stay dogs living at the animal home.

He said: “Saskia, an Akita, came to the centre in disgraceful condition. Thankfully, Saskia pulled through and is now fully recovered, but she has been waiting for her forever home ever since.

“Sasha, a 3-year old American Bulldog, was originally rescued by an RSPCA inspector who found her locked away in appalling condition. Sasha will need an experienced adopter, and would be best as an only pet and with children aged 10 years and over.

“Rex, a 4-year old Lurcher, came to us after a long stay at RSCPA Leeds & Wakefield.

"He will need someone who is at home most of the time, because he doesn’t like being on his own.

“Bella, a 3-year old English Bull-Terrier, came to us because her previous owner could no longer keep her. Bella will need someone who is at home most of the time as she is not used to being left and will need to be the only pet in the home.”