A PROFESSIONAL boxer is turning his talents to other lines of work - including acting.

Harry Matthews, of Pocklington, East Yorkshire, who has fought the likes of Chris Eubank Jr and Nick Blackwell, says he is now looking to pursue other opportunities alongside his boxing career.

Those options include acting, and Harry has already featured in two low budget films called ‘Some Kind of Love’ and ‘The Deal’, and is set to feature in a number of TV adverts.

He said: “I would like to go down the acting path once the boxing comes to an end, I’m looking to roll the dice wherever I can.”

After starting boxing at aged 14, Harry gained a professional contract at the age of 20.

However, around six years ago, Harry, now 31, says he fell in with the wrong people and ended up with a one year ban from boxing.

He said: “I was in a dark place and mixing with the wrong people.”

Harry has since reclaimed his professional licence and is now back in boxing.

He is described as a journeyman, meaning he is often the opponent of up and coming prospect fighters and will step into a fight at late notice.

Harry has had 65 professional fights and has three more coming up in September.

Alongside his boxing career, Harry is also holding down jobs in other industries such as personal training and security.

He said: “I feel these are giving myself options in my career and will benefit me in the future and will help me steer clear of any trouble.”

He works with up and coming boxers at the Roko gym in York, and says he is using his knowledge of the sport to help train others and keep them from going down the wrong path, as he briefly did.