Brexiteers repeatedly tell the ‘Remoaners’ that the will of the people must be respected.

Now, it seems, Boris Johnson is determined to take us out of the EU without a deal. And of course they’ve already started blaming the EU for the fiasco about to unfold.

Ask yourself a little question: if the people had been offered a choice between remaining and a messy divorce with no deal, how would they have voted? Given the narrowness of the so-called ‘decisive’ 52 per cent to 48 per cent vote, to claim they would still have voted to leave isn’t credible.

So please Brexiteers, please realise that nobody but true faithful is going to be persuaded by the claim that crashing out of the EU with no deal is necessary to respect the will of the people.

Alan Robinson,

Lindley Street, Holgate, York

There would be no Mini without BMW investment

A recent visit to Coventry Cathedral was inspiring. Built beside the ruins of its bombed out predecessor, it is surely one of the finest, most superbly designed (by Sir Basil Spence) Twentieth Century buildings. It was conceived and configured out of conflict in an enduring spirit of reconciliation, with important contributions from Germany, Russia, Sweden and further afield. It is a true triumph of what can be achieved when we all work together for mutual betterment. A bit like the EU really - imperfect though that undoubtedly is.

In stark contrast is the constant flow of factually incorrect, aggressive, and divisive comments from the Brexanatics, who seem to seek to silence all opposition in a profoundly undemocratic way. That’s all too redolent of dictators who have a habit of, once elected, preventing anyone having the opportunity to change their minds.

My visit to Coventry also included a rather saddening trip round the Coventry Museum of Transport, which vividly shows the early triumphs then decline of the UK-owned motor industry, through poor management, dreadful quality control, and the actions of customers and Trades Union wreckers. This industry was revived successfully through Japanese, German and French acquisition and example. There would be no modern Mini, built at Cowley and Swindon, without BMW investment!

Chris Mason,

Hall Farm Close, Riccall

Democracy is being undermined

Whatever one’s thoughts on Brexit, what we have witnessed in the last three years is the dissolution of democracy, with many MPs trying to thwart it and parties declaring themselves as the party of Remain. Remember the result of the 2016 democratic referendum anyone? In days of old these MP’s would have been thrown in the Tower of London for treason! I think many of them will be picking up their P45s come the next General Election.

And what of the EU and governments in the Bloc? We saw the debacle of the Irish referendum where they gave the wrong answer initially and had to vote again. Then there was the 2005 referendum in France and Holland on whether to ratify proposed constitutions of the EU. They both rejected this and were ignored.

Keith Roworth,

Reighton Avenue, York

We’re better at spending our money than the EU is

Arch remainer and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney predicts floods and pestilence and the end of the world as we know it with a ‘no deal’. Former respected Governor Mervyn King says it won’t be so bad but with obvious financial disturbance to markets.

I don’t think anyone can predict the outcome but given that the UK leads Europe in economic performance and full employment, with more women employed than at any time since records were kept and France and Germany headed into recession, I am inclined to support Mr King’s point of view.

We are strong and positive people compared to the EU. Look at the state of Italy and Spain, not to mention Greece. No wonder the EU fights to keep our financial contributions. That money is better spent in this country.

John Zimnoch, Osbaldwick, York