I welcome July 31’s advertisement of a South Bank meeting to discuss options for pedestrians and cyclists. After the Green group opened the dialogue around the Terry Avenue disruption, community involvement in the plans is strengthening. Proper traffic management plans need to be secured via planning, and crucially in time for flooding works to commence.

The EA welcome people’s suggestions for safe cycle/pedestrian diversions but I found it disappointing the public meeting on July 15 July did not focus more on this: find one which does not involve spitting vulnerable road users out on to the gyratory!

Most disappointingly, however, as a mother of a young cyclist, I was left reeling that the council officer quoted in the article tries to lessen the gravity of the issue by referring to those affected as merely trying to ‘enjoy the riverside’ and being ‘inconvenienced temporarily’.

I feel strongly that the major inconveniences to pedestrians and cyclists, during a state of climate emergency, must be matched by inconveniences to motorised traffic. This would uphold the transport hierarchy we are at risk of losing in cases like this.

Cllr Rosie Baker,

Percy Mews, York

Join in this survey about traffic and transport

You reported the new survey currently under way into transport in York as part of City of York Council’s initiative for an age friendly city (Transport overhaul for elderly, July 31).

York Older People’s Assembly welcomes this initiative. It builds on an older people’s survey we undertook with the council 18 months ago when over 900 people responded. They are keen to see improvements in public transport as well as better access to seats and toilet facilities in the city centre.

We would urge people to complete the survey which can be found at www.york.gov.uk/AgeFriendlyYork

As part of our partnership with the council, we have already widely circulated the survey and will work with them to ensure action is taken to deliver positive benefits.

Let’s remember that improvements in the city benefit everybody, not just older people.

Jim Cannon,

York Older People’s Assembly,

North Moor Road, Huntington, York