Once again the canard about binding votes has been aired by M Horsman and Wendy Maddocks (‘When will Remoaners give it a rest? You lost...’, Letters, July 26).

So Parliament and voters can never change their minds? If that was the case, children would still be hung for stealing, cars would still have to be preceded by a man holding a red flag and homosexuality would still be a criminal offence. All of these have been overturned by Parliament.

Of course we can all change our minds and the people of this country have frequently done so.

Situations change and so do opinions. Surely even ardent Brexiteers will admit that the ‘facts’ presented to the electorate at the EU Referendum were inaccurate to say the least. Furthermore, in the last three years several thousand new, young people have become eligible to vote.

No, Mr Horsman and Ms Maddocks, the only solution to the current stagnation is either a second referendum or a new general election. If you are so confident of your views, why won’t you trust the electorate?

Roger Cook,

Wetherby Road, Rufforth, York

Hypocrisy of the Lib Dems on democracy

In his letter to The Press of August 1 Councillor Vassie hypocritically castigates both the Tory and Labour parties on their approach to democracy.

This from someone whose own party, the Liberal Democrats, have since the day after the Referendum result was announced totally refused to accept the democratic decision made by the British electorate.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park, Selby

It’s time to clear out Remainer MPs

Now that Boris has cleared Remainers out of Cabinet I trust he will use 17 million Leave voters to clear them out of Parliament too.

A V Martin, Westfield Close, Wigginton, York