It was recently reported in The Press how the Street Rangers in York had been given extra powers to stop cyclists riding on pavements or in pedestrian zones (We’re not bouncers in blue vests, August 2). Why stop there? Why not give all council workers - street cleaners, refuse collectors, the men repairing the streets - the same powers? I’m not suggesting they should be physically involved. But they could take photos of offending parties to hand to the authorities. A bonus paid on successful prosecution might encourage them.

Let council employees be our eyes and ears.

D M Deamer,

Penleys Grove Street, Monkgate, York

Snoopers charter fills me with horror

For some time I have watched in horror the progress into law of the Investigatory Powers Act, perhaps the most intrusive mass surveillance law ever introduced in a so-called democracy.

Last week, Liberty lost its High Court case against the Government. It sought to challenge this ‘snoopers charter’ which allows agents of the state to intercept every person’s digital communications, allowing them to read your texts and emails. Our privacy settings will count for nothing and our web history will be stored - who we call, email or text - effectively painting a detailed picture of who we are, what we think, our health, our religious and political views and sexual preferences. This level of intrusive surveillance anywhere in the world would be roundly condemned. For it to happen here is truly frightening.

The amount of control the state will have on individuals will be immense. Every time you use your phone, pay by card, switch on your sat nav or do the hundreds of other digital things most of us do without thinking every day, you will be monitored.

I can only conclude that to have any sense of privacy in the future, my use of computers, mobiles, payment cards and the like must now be at an end.

Eric Wood,

Holme Road,

Market Weighton