SOLICITORS in York have welcomed Claudia’s Law which came into force this week to help families of missing loved ones take control of their finances.

Ware & Kay which has offices in York, Wetherby and Malton is one of a limited number of specialists in the law surrounding missing people, guardianship, court of protection and presumption of death.

Claudia's father Peter Lawrence, a consultant at Ware & Kay, said: “This will make such a difference to the lives of the hundreds of families who have been waiting so long for it, enabling them to deal with their missing loved one’s financial and property affairs in the same way as everyone else is able to on a daily basis. It will remove a huge burden at a time when families are at their emotional lowest ebb and this will help enormously."

Emma Elwess, director, said: “This is a triumph for all family members who have campaigned and shows why guardianship is needed. The sudden absence of a family member or friend is devastating and this law will mean that families who face the emotional distress of the disappearance of a loved one will not be blocked from handling the financial and legal affairs as they come to terms with the situation they are facing."