Ideologues have kidnapped British democracy and are happily destroying our nation and its reputation in pursuit of their obsessions. On the Tory right, a clique is content to ‘protect’ democracy by subverting it in an election where only 150,000, including partisan 15-year-olds, are allowed to choose a Prime Minister.

Having once boasted how easy it would be to reach a deal with the rest of the EU, these extremists have retreated into a Dad’s Army world where jumping off cliffs with your medals on your chest is now patriotic duty, any pretence of respecting parliamentary democracy abandoned.

On the Labour left another small clique, that wilfully ignores its party and its voters, is wedded to a different version of the same fantasy, persuaded that its grand calling is to beat the right in a general election in order to then deliver their own, even more glorious Brexit.

Leaders on both right and left are abusing our broken electoral system, risking the breakup of their parties and the United Kingdom. Three quarters of Britons agree climate change is more important than Brexit. We face real challenges and wasting any more time on this ridiculous Brexit fantasy is a distraction.

Christian Vassie,

Blake Court, Wheldrake, York