I am suffering from throat cancer and smoking cigarettes has been the cause.

I have smoked for 43 years so this is self inflicted and I make no excuses. I have had two lots of surgery but I’m not clear of it so I am facing six weeks of radiotherapy and have to travel to Leeds everyday.

The NHS have been marvellous and I have cost them a fortune. But over a year I have paid around £2,153 in tax and duty on the cigarettes I have consumed which, over the years, is a small fortune but at least it helps to cover my treatment.

Generally smoking is definitely on the decline, which is a good thing. But what is on the increase is obesity, especially in children and young adults. This is reaching pandemic proportions.

Would any parent give their offspring a cigarette when they are toddlers? Of course not. So why are they allowing their children to get so obese?

This is something that parents can do something about. So do it, and let the next generation live healthily and long.

Television doesn’t help: the amount of TV programmes that are based on food is ridiculous. People would be in uproar if there were programmes about the best tasting cigarettes from around the world.

But obesity is going to be the biggest killer and there is no tax and duty on fattening foods to cover future treatment.

Come on parents, feed them right and get them playing outside!

David Wilson,

Almsford Drive,

Acomb, York