Review: Alan Shed’s “Music, Comedy and Everything Else” Interactive Quiz Show, Great Yorkshire Fringe, The Arts Barge, York, JUly 26

THE Great Yorkshire Fringe is in its fifth year, and much as I love the village green set-up in Parliament Square, there’s something about the festival that the Edinburgh Fringe-goer might find a bit too prim and official.

For you, may I recommend York’s Arts Barge atTower Gardens. I’m absolutely kicking myself I haven’t visited this venue sooner. There are craft beers in the fridge, local art pieces for sale and a hubbub of general Yorkshire cheer that make this floating venue definitely worth a visit.

The crowd are out in full force for Shed Seven drummer Alan Leach’s interactive quiz. It’s easy to see why Leach has gained a following for his quiz nights. There’s a bit of everything tonight with picture, number and general questions with focus mainly centred around music and pop culture from the 20th century.

A novel question format that proves a crowd-pleaser is Leach’s divisive audience vote round: the teams have a quick-fire vote between two things, e.g. “Which is better, Kit-Kat, or Kit-Kat Chunky?” (obviously Chunky) and points are awarded on those who vote in the majority.

Leach has a fine handle on the evening’s proceedings, and even manages to keep MC-ing admin fun and lively. It’s clear Leach’s in his element as quizmaster, though it threatens to veer into indulgence when he tries his hand at stand-up. Still, he does warn you his comedy’s no good, so the whole thing’s entered into with a cheeky wink: go on, let him have his fun.


Alan Shed's “Music, Comedy and Everything Else” Interactive Quiz Show has added a second show, taking place today (JULY 27) at the White Rose Rotunda spiegeltent, Parliament Street, York, at 4pm. Tickets are available on 01904 500600 or at to discover the comic schtick of the Sheds' sticksman.