PASSENGERS have told of their frustration over overheating and overcrowding on York to London trains on the hottest day of the year.

Customers have taken to Twitter to vent their anger, particularly over air conditioning failures on some LNER trains.

One tweeted: “Hottest day of the year and no air conditioning on the 12:54 York to Edinburgh train. It must be 40 degrees on board. Absolute disgrace.”

Another tweeted: “Well done @LNER - hottest day of the year and the air conditioning in Coach B of the 11:30am KGX > EDB isn’t working.”

A third tweeted: “On LNER train to Edinburgh, no cooling in carriage… The upside is I'm gonna do 2kg #LNER #Sweatfest.”

A father tweeted that his son was suffering from a panic attack because of the conditions.

But he later thanked LNER after the train manager went to check on his son's welfare, and he calmed down.

One passenger tweeted: "Great farce @LNER at Kings Cross. We're now on our 3rd train and have yet to leave the station."

A little later he tweeted: "We've finally left Kings Cross! On a train without air conditioning! Everybody is a sweaty mess."

But some customers thanked the company''s train crews for their help in the face of 'shouty' passengers.

One tweeted: “Massive shout out to your staff at Doncaster station. Really helpful (despite all of the people being shouty).”

LNER tweeted that its station teams were on-hand across the route with water, assisted by St John Ambulance volunteers at Kings Cross, Peterborough, York and Newcastle.

St John Ambulance tweeted: “Today, we’re working closely with @LNER to ensure passengers receive care & support in the hot weather. This team are on hand to help at London King’s Cross - additional volunteers are stationed in Peterborough, Newcastle and York. Please ask for help if you need it!”