I read with interest Megi Rychlikova’s Press column (Time to search for the danger below, July 20).

On the public path outside my neighbours’ bungalow about four weeks ago the tarmac sank and a hole appeared. Someone reported it, because the council came and painted a nice white mark round it.

A fortnight went by and nothing happened. Because it was the sort of hole one could easily break an ankle in, I filled in an official council report. Immediate action, a nice red and white cone is in place.

I have been in my property since 1971 and the flagged footpaths around the house have been fine until two years ago. Now they are all over the place.

Ray Theakston, Haxby, York

What a waste of water

About a week ago I reported to Yorkshire Water that a hydrant in Albemarle Road was leaking badly. Water was gushing out at about a litre per second: 86 cubic metres a day by my reckoning.

Despite many other people reporting it, water is still pouring out. My advice to consumers: take that brick out of your cistern and (if you’re not metered) use as much water as you like. Yorkshire Water clearly don’t give a damn about this “precious resource”, so why should you?

Peter Smith,

Jamieson Terrace, York