In congratulating our next Prime Minister Boris Johnson we now urge him to deliver on his promise to tackle the crisis in social care.

In his campaign Mr Johnson said nobody should be forced to sell their home to pay for care and that he would end the crisis in the sector.

Well, now is the time to make good on that promise and do what numerous previous governments have failed to do – solve the crisis in the care of our oldest and most vulnerable people.

The 1.4 million people currently living without the care they need deserve that from their new Prime Minister.

Mike Padgham,

Chair, Independent Care Group,




End the scandal of selling homes to pay for care

Picture the scene. A well-dressed man is walking down a street when he is approached by another man who, seeing the expensive clothes and the flash of the sun on a wrist-watch, produces a gun and demands the man give him the gold Rolex, gold chain/bracelet and large amount of money he was carrying.

An illegal act? Absolutely!

So how does this differ from the way the Government force people, who have sunk into the abyss of Alzheimer’s Disease, to sell their homes which, after a lifetime of paying for them, they had hoped to pass on to their children?

Under current ruling it has to be sold off with the proceeds used to pay for their future care.

The same Government sent, in 2017, £13.9 billion abroad in foreign aid.

We are now in 2019 so that figure will undoubtedly be higher.

So how can the Government, which sends these astronomical sums of money abroad, force people to sell their homes to pay for their care in the final few months/years of their lives?

What the British people want, incoming PM Boris Johnson, is for you to grasp the nettle of this scandalous ‘robbery’ and start paying for those unfortunate people as their sanity and lives slowly slip away.

Not only will it gain you the gratitude of many people who may lose an inheritance, it will also show you to be a decent human being.

Philip Roe,

Roman Avenue South,

Stamford Bridge

Democracy must be upheld. It’s time to leave

I refer to Paula Widdowson’s letter stating that the only solution to the Parliamentary impasse is “a people’s vote” (Letters, July 23) .

I disagree. If a vote was just as close but favoured Remain would you imagine the Leavers would just accept that?

Not a chance. The country voted to leave, democracy must be upheld.

Hazel Ward,

Badger Hill, York