With all the debates currently ongoing regarding traffic congestion and pollution problems within the city of York, I would like to suggest a further debate on the options for reducing the traffic flow within the boundary of the inner ring road area.

These options, as I see them, are:

1. A central bus interchange next to York Rail Station. The York Bus Forum have previously presented a proposal for such a facility as part of the York Station Front consultation process. However, the City of York Council preferred proposal is to install additional on-road bus stops on either side of Station Road. If this happens it will mean that a golden opportunity to provide York with a proper rail and bus interchange will be lost.

2. Re-routing of buses to avoid travelling within the city walls. We are fortunate that most city central streets are traffic-free or have restrictions when delivery vehicles are allowed access. Many bus services currently travel within the Inner Ring Road boundary and it would require a study into what the alternative routes might be and how they would affect passengers. One solution might be to operate a free e-bus service able to travel around the restricted area and link with the Rail/Bus interchange.

Tony Hudson, Kerver Lane,

Dunnington, York