A FUGITIVE from extradition wrote off a £98,000 Land Rover and crashed into a house at the end of a 105 mph police chase, York Crown Court heard.

Thomas Furmaniak, 37, had failed to hand himself into York police on June 19 to be sent back to his native Poland, said Louise Pryke, prosecuting.

When officers spotted him in a Mercedes on the A64 on June 26, he initially pulled over, but then raced away at 105 mph down the A1 southbound before speeding through villages as parents were fetching their children from school.

"This was nearly as bad as it gets for dangerous driving," said Judge Simon Hickey.

He jailed Furmaniak, of Nunnery Lane, York, for 14 months and banned him from British roads for 43 months.

Furmaniak pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, driving without insurance and possession of cannabis and cocaine found in his pockets on his arrest.

He has an extradition hearing before Westminster magistrates on July 27.

His solicitor advocate Steve Munro said Furmaniak had panicked and was sorry for what he had done.

He knew the police chase had made his situation in Britain worse.

Ms Pryke said police followed Furmaniak onto the A1 and he initially responded to their signals by stopping on the hard shoulder.

But as a police officer approached him on foot he sped off.

"There followed a course of dangerous driving lasting about 15 minutes," said the prosecutor.

Furmaniak swerved between lanes and undertook other vehicles as he raced at 105mph southward.

At the Selby Fork junction with the A63, he didn't give way on the slip road and drove round a roundabout with two wheels on the raised central section.

He drove for long periods on the wrong side of the road as he headed towards Selby.

At Lumby, he turned right and crashed into a Land Rover, driven by a mother on her way to collect her children from school. It was written off.

The chase ended when he crashed into a house in South Milford and made off on foot.

Police found him lying in a water-filled ditch and arrested him.