A YORK couple have been 'blown away' by the response to their appeal for help in ensuring their two severely disabled children no longer have to share a bedroom.

More than £3,200 had already been donated to Martin and Lynda Sainty's £13,000 appeal by teatime yesterday, less than 48 hours after it was launched.

"You've all made Lynda cry, in a good way that is," said Martin, of Fulford. "Thank you to all you lovely, kind people. We are completely blown away by your love, kindness and support. Very humbled!"

The Press reported earlier today how the couple's oldest son, Finn, has severe learning disabilities, while their youngest, Joel, has a rare chromosome disorder which causes autism, eating problems and learning difficulties.

Martin said the boys, who sleep in one bedroom at their three-bedroom semi, regularly wake each other up and are often disruptive for much of the night.

He said City of York Council had awarded them a £30,000 grant and a £10,000 loan but they needed help in raising the remaining £13,000 of the total bill of £53,000 after being refused a loan and mortgage extension by their bank.

One donor has said: 'You're a great family and you and the boys deserve all the help you can get,' while another said: 'Hope you reach your total soon with the help of The Press.'