CITY Screen, York, has invited York band The Threetles to perform in the Riverside Bar after Wednesday evening’s screening of Yesterday, the Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis musical comedy bursting with Beatles songs.

As you might guess from their band name, Adam Dawson, James Brown and Andy Bowen play the best of the Fab Four , but do so as a trio. Their Ringo has been drummed out.

City Screen marketing manager Dave Taylor saw The Threetles play in one of York’s best music pubs, The Phoenix Inn on George Street, just inside Fishergate Bar on the city walls.

"They played The Beatles’ catalogue from the chirpy mop-tops’ Please Please Me with great harmonies, to later psychedelic tracks like A Day In The Life. It then got me thinking about the Beatles-related movie, Yesterday, which has been going down a storm at City Screen."

Band member Adam Dawson says: "Obviously we’re obsessed by The Beatles, and we started The Threetles so that we could deconstruct the songs and learn from the masters. If only everyone thought we’d written those songs, like Jack in the film."

Wednesday's special event with live music in the Riverside Bar starts with Yesterday screening at 6.15pm, followed by The Threetles playing from around 8:30pm.