A NEW cycling charity has been launched in York.

After eleven years of working all over the UK, York-based Get Cycling are becoming a community benefit society to apply their resources to promoting pedal-power in their own city.

Founded eleven years ago by social entrepreneurs Jim and Sally McGurn, Get Cycling have been supporting newcomers into cycling all over the UK through events and programmes.

Now they are using their base in Hospital Fields Road, Fulford, as a focus to support activities specifically for York cyclists: including local bike shop, classes and courses, bike recycling, cycling events, schools visits, hire bikes, and disability cycling.

The only activity which Get Cycling are keeping national within this new trading charity is their disability cycling retail department.

Get Cycling was set up in reaction to public sector cuts and inspired by Jim and Sally’s son, Joseph, who has Downs syndrome and autism, and who adores cycling.

Now Get Cycling are inviting York residents to support their work by becoming community shareholders, with membership benefits and a return on investment plus 30 per cent social investment tax relief from the government.

Jim and Sally are looking forward to semi-retirement, and handing over to a new chief executive, who has yet to be appointed, with Jim working part-time in partnerships development.

He said: “We have always believed in social enterprise and a charitable community benefit society, owned by its members, seems like the perfect way to pass our work on. It’s all exciting, but we look forward to an easier life! We know that our 16 very experienced staff will work with other cycling organisations and a strong board of trustees to make York a paradigm for how cities can commit to people-friendly, sustainable transport. We’ll be significant community investors ourselves and hope you will want to join us. There’s a lot to do!”

Visit www.getyorkcycling.org.uk