COINS, a fuel receipt and Harry Potter Lego were among the items locked into a time capsule to help mark a school's 50th anniversary.

Rachel Shaw, of the Friends of Hempland Primary Academy, which organised the occasion, said the youngest and eldest students, Beatrice Brewer and Ed Candlin, were invited to bury the capsule and plant a golden delicious apple tree in the Heworth school's garden to mark the golden jubilee.

"Coincidentally, the tree is the same height as Beatrice," she said. "We have said we will need to have a photo of her when she leaves year 6 with the tree."

She said Janine Taylor, a parent and Friend, had come up with the idea, adding: "She has worked really hard to bring everything and everyone together.

"Burying the time capsule and planting the tree has been a truly lovely way to end our school year."

Children were invited to suggest items for the capsule. "Thank you to the Hempland staff for spending time with the children gathering ideas for the time capsule contents. We had some interesting ideas from a plastic carrier bag to a school lunch menu," added Rachel.

"The children also put forward predictions for the future. Some children don't think we will have coins in the future and that we will pay for everything electronically. Janine also included a petrol receipt as lots of children believe we will all drive electric cars."

A copy of The Press was also included in the capsule along with Pokemon cards, a school menu, a hearing aid and a Hempland jumper.