YORK'S improvised Doctor Who parody is back for the 2019 Great Yorkshire Fringe on Sunday at 4pm at the John Cooper Studio @ 41 Monkgate, York.

Any Suggestions, Doctor?, The Improvised Doctor Who company, invite you to "travel anywhere in time and space with a live radiophonic workshop and a collection of humorous improv comedy performers".

The improv troupe of producer Lewis Dunn, director Charles Deane, Louise Jones, James Gamblin, Harry Whittaker, Matthew Stallworthy and Zack Sizer will improvise a new episode of the beloved sci-fi classic Doctor Who with musicians Alex Rushfirth and Nick Upton, using audience suggestions.

"For fans and newcomers alike, the show is a hilarious parody that will suit audiences of all ages regardless of how much of a Whovian they are, using a familiar format and hysterical made-up plots," says Louise Jones.

"We ask the crowd where they want to go in all of time and space, who in the cast they want to be The Doctor and what the title of the episode should be. From there we create an hour-long episode of Doctor Who, filled with antics, terrifying monsters, unreal scenarios and occasionally even a classic Whovian character. It’s good family fun that might be a little bit cheekier than your average episode."

Any Suggestions, Doctor? have performed hundreds of shows set across the universe, from the sauce mines of Heinz 57, through Arthurian, Tudor and even Western times, up to the present day, where they have fought off aliens in...Slough.

"Each episode is a totally unique adventure, with plots including a family of Daleks becoming domesticated on the second Hindenburg blimp, The Silence turning the Glaswegian streets of the Gorbals into a deserted ghost town and The Doctor starting the French Revolution, much to the confusion of a rather hirsute Napoleon Bonaparte," says Louise. "They can go anywhere and do anything!"

Tickets are on sale on 01904 500600 or at greatyorkshirefringe.com