Review: Al Murray: Landlord Of Hope And Glory, Platform Festival, The Old Station, Pocklington, July 11

COMEDIANS had been strangely reluctant to discuss Brexit, seemingly for fear of alienating half an audience. Three years in, however, and no nearer to Great Brexit finding a fixit after such a risible exit strategy under Mrs Strong And Stable/Too Long And Unable, they are starting to join the rest of a dividcd nation in frustration at Mission Implausible.

Latterly, Nish Kumar's It's In Your Nature To Destroy Yourselves show in York and Jack Dee's low-key work-in-progress gig at Pocklington Arts Centre fired off tirades at politicians in general for the inertia creeping like mould through the corridors of dour.

If one comedian were guaranteed to lose his rag over Brexit Britain, it would be the garrulous Gaffer, bellicose pub landlord Al Murray, and here he was on night 52, the last hurrah, of his Landlord Of Hope And Glory tour in Pocklington, "wherever that is".

Given the Little Englander persona of this larger and louder-than-life caricature, you might expect him to line up with Farage/No Deal/Brexit Means Brexit, but Murray thinks as much as the Gaffer drinks, and so instead he puts everything Brexit down to the Great British sense of humour. Mint idea, Murray.

Charles Hutchinson