THE planning system must change if York is to meet its ambitions to become carbon neutral by 2030, according to Labour councillors.

Cllr Jonny Crawshaw will ask members of City of York Council to support a motion calling for the local authority to take action on climate change.

He said they should use “any legislative tools available” to achieve the ambition of becoming carbon neutral.

He added: “We all support the 2030 target but recognise that it is hugely ambitious and significant changes will be required to make it happen.

“We live in an old city and that further complicates things.

“It is therefore vital that any new developments are as environmentally friendly as they can possibly be.”

The group is also calling for York Central to be a “a low-car, carbon neutral development”.

Holgate councillor Rachel Melly said: “The site lends itself to being well served by public transport and low-car in design.

“Many other urban developments so well located have shown that they don’t have to be dependent on the car, if designed with the future in mind.”

The motion takes place at a meeting tonight.