TWO new exhibitions have opened at York Art Gallery - exploring Greek myths and the dynamic of sound.

Nicolas Poussin’s The Triumph of Pan is the centrepiece of one of the exhibitions this summer.

The work depicts a mythical celebration of nymphs and satyrs revelling before a statue of Pan, Greek god of the wild.

Fiona Green, curatorial assistant at the gallery, said: “We are extremely excited to bring this incredible work to York. Poussin’s work is inspired by the classical ideals of ancient art and the formal structure and rigour of his compositions still has a profound influence on artists today.

“The Triumph of Pan is one of his most famous paintings which is both beautiful and full of hidden meaning and references which encourage you to look closer.”

The exhibition, which runs until September 22, will be split into two areas. The first will focus on Poussin’s life and career while the second will explore themes within The Triumph of Pan and Poussin’s legacy. Other works will include pieces by masters such as Dughet and Domenichino, as well as paintings by William Etty.

Meanwhile Christine Eyene has curated a new exhibition, ‘Sounds Like Her’ - which explores sound as a medium through voice, noise and synthetic sounds - will also be on display.

The project brings together six female artists who will be exhibited through a mixture of different media including audio, immersive installation, painting, print, drawing and video.

Becky Gee, curator at York Art Gallery, said: “Sounds Like Her brings together an inclusive collection of art which provokes and challenges common misconceptions about the creation and creators of sound art. It represents various perspectives; re-framing how we experience the dynamic of sound.” The exhibition will be on show until September 15.