AN extra £61 per resident would be spent by the government on public services in York if every council was funded fairly, according to a campaign.

Councillors will call on the new Prime Minister - to be announced on July 23 - to narrow the North-South divide.

City of York Council will be asked to back a motion urging Government for extra cash for the city’s schools and health services, as well as pushing for transport in the North to be made a national priority.

Council leader Keith Aspden will lead the calls for a ‘”fair deal for York” at a full council meeting next Wednesday.

A report prepared for the meeting says: “According to figures published by Leicestershire County Council, who have developed an alternative fairer funding model, York could receive an additional £13 million per year, or an extra £61 per resident, if funding were to be redistributed based on need.

“Now, at a time of unprecedented national uncertainty, it is more important than ever to address the chronic under investment in the North.”

It says the council notes a campaign by The Press and rival publishers to challenge Britain’s main political parties to commit to a package of policy measures to turbo-charge the North’s economy.

The Power Up the North campaign calls for decision-making to be taken out of London, giving devolved powers to people in the North.

And for the new Prime Minister to boost the economy through overhauling the region’s road and rail networks, investing in our schools, colleges and universities, building more homes and investing in digital and creative industries in the North.

The council report says: “York has been disproportionally affected by the Conservative Government’s cuts to public services. This means that local services have been continuously underfunded, particularly when compared to other areas in the UK.

“Schools in York remain the worst funded in the country for per-pupil funding, York’s CCG continues to operate with a large deficit, investment in the Yorkshire and Humber region’s transport infrastructure significantly lags behind London, the South East and even the North West.”

Cllr Aspden said: “It is no secret that the North of England and York itself has been continuously under-funded by this Conservative Government and recent cuts to public services have only exacerbated this issue.

“Research already shows that, if Government funding were to be redistributed more fairly, York could receive an additional £13 million per year to fund public services in the city.

“Having already backed the recent ‘Power up the North’ campaign, at an unprecedented time in our politics, now is the time for the Government to give the North and York a fairer deal and ensure that services are funded based on need, rather than the current postcode lottery.”

The meeting takes place on Wednesday.