THE sky is the limit for fast-growing software developer RotaCloud.

The staff scheduling and attendance platform started out as a side-project in 2015, with co-founders, former school friends David Brandon, Joel Beverley and James Lintern, working from their shared home in York. They pooled their skills and cash, amounting to just £500, to get the business off the ground.

Nearly five years and three office upgrades later, RotaCloud is reporting healthy turnover and impressive profits.

Since moving headquarters to George Hudson Street in 2017, the company has attracted talent from all over the country, employing 26 developers, designers, marketers, and customer support professionals. More than 2,400 companies have made RotaCloud a part of their daily operations, with 100,000 registered employees, and more than 12 million shifts scheduled through the platform every year.

The software has also evolved to integrate with a number of HR and business platforms, including Breathe, People HR, and fellow York-based business Optix.

The firm has ambitious plans to expand the size of its team and its range of services.

Copywriter and video editor Philip Kendall felt motivated to nominate RotaCloud for Employer of the Year in The Press Business Awards because of the way it nurtures its people.

“I can honestly say that I’ve never felt anywhere near as content and engaged in my work as I do at RotaCloud, and I sincerely believe that they deserve to win this award,” he said.

Front-end developer Jacob Jenkins says the relaxed and easy-going workplace is “an incredible environment to develop new ideas.” RotaCloud “still retains that ‘start-up’ vibe where everyone’s ideas and input are equal and valid, which is really refreshing”, he said, adding: “I have space to explore new ideas and try out new ways of working with new technologies, which is incredible, especially in such a fast-moving industry.”

It offers perks such as games nights, flexible working, team-building days, nights out, and discounts on cinema tickets and leisure activities.

Anna Roberts, a digital marketer and budding web developer, was one of the first employees at RotaCloud and has been impressed by the firm’s commitment to invest in people, help staff to learn new skills and develop their careers.

She said: “RotaCloud’s new flexible working policy has also been extremely important to me. Early starts allow me to fit my workday around other aspects of my life, while also helping me be more productive at work.

"This policy shows the company’s willingness to respond to employee feedback in other words, actually listening to its staff.”

James Denham, a customer care representative, said: “There’s a total lack of red tape and stuffiness, which leaves you feeling as though the co-founders have complete faith in their staff to work autonomously. It’s refreshing being treated so respectfully and spoken to so candidly, and to not be micromanaged. The recently-implemented flexible working hours policy has also gone down very well.”