NORTH Yorkshire Police are looking to recruit volunteer police cadets.

People aged between 14 and 16 are being invited to apply for the cadet scheme which includes Fulford Road, York, and the Harrogate area.

It offers young people an opportunity to gain an insight into policing, develop skills and support the community, learning about policing duties and skills, and basic law at weekly cadet meetings.

Cadet nights also include physical activities, drills, visits from officers and staff members from North Yorkshire Police and first aid skills.

Cadets will also have the opportunity to visit departments within the police service such as the dog section, firearms unit, roads policing and crime scene investigation units.

You will also be expected to contribute at least three hours each month to help with community events.

To apply, complete an online application. For further information contact Emily Myers at

The applications will close on 9am, Friday, July 19.