I agree with John DW Aked (Cutting pest control team now looks a foolish call, Letters, July 5). Quite often making people redundant doesn’t even make financial sense.

Apart from the utter misery redundancy can cause to individuals, and the insecurity felt by those who wonder if they are next, there is the loss of people with knowledge, skills and experience. And, of course, if there is to be a replacement business/organisation, there is no guarantee the service or product will be better or cheaper.

Financially, usually redundancy payments need to be made, and for those people not fortunate enough to get another job quickly there are welfare benefits to be paid. When large-scale redundancies are made, there can be a serious detrimental effect on the local area.

A lot more thought should be given before decisions are taken which deprive ordinary people of their employment. There is a human cost to be considered, and any financial gains may be short term.

Pamela Brown,

Goodwood Grove,York