In relation to plans to build more new homes at Derwenthorpe, City of York Council claims Fifth Avenue ‘has been designed to accommodate public transport and is therefore considered suitable as a route for construction traffic’ (Plan set to go ahead despite traffic fears, July 8). I would like to ask who wrote the report and what evidence they have to support this claim.

The residents of Fifth Avenue would like to report the power cut last week that cut electricity to properties along the street for two days. When a representative from Northern Powergrid was consulted, it was suggested that the damage to the supply cable was caused by heavy construction traffic.

I would suggest that the street does not have sufficient infrastructure to support another two years of heavy construction traffic and the residents don’t wish to be woken at 6am in the morning, out of the working hours agreed by JRHT. It is unfair to subject the residents and the school to two more years of JRHT getting their own way once again, causing a hostile and unsafe environment for the residents of the street and pupils of the school.

Mr E Fountain,

Fifth Avenue,York