A PLAY based on the D-Day experiences of York Normandy veterans is to be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe - and two old soldiers are planning to attend and meet audiences afterwards.

Bomb Happy will be taken to the Festival Fringe after a recent sell out run of six performances at York Army Museum and a week’s tour to cadet bases and schools in York to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Ken Smith, 94, of Wheldrake, said: “When the idea for a play using our memories came about back in 2016 we never thought we would still be here for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day to see it performed at the Edinburgh Fringe.”

Ken Cooke, 93, of Hull Road, said he was delighted to be accompanying the actors to Edinburgh and was hoping to attend several performances if he could.

“We enjoy meeting with audiences after the show and having the opportunity to talk with them about our experiences,” he said.

The play was recently performed to 250 Huntington school students, who gave the veterans a standing ovation when they joined the actors on stage for a Q&A session.

The play was also live streamed to 31 schools nationwide, reaching another 2,000 pupils.

Hugh Richards, head of history at the school, said the performance was "phenomenal... completely brilliant", and had students "transfixed in a roasting school hall".

A history student’s verdict was: “Totally new respect for Normandy veterans after watching ‘Bomb Happy’ today. Absolutely incredible.”

Playwright Helena Fox, who wrote the "at times humorous, at times harrowing" play, said Army@theFringe had invited it to be performed in partnership with Summerhall.

Tickets are on sale at https://festival19.summerhall.co.uk/event/bomb-happy/