A YOUNG man who repeatedly kicked his attack victim on the ground - including blows to his head - has been jailed for two years.

Billy Archibold was “effectively of good character,” York Crown Court heard.

His solicitor advocate Neal Kutte pleaded for him to get a suspended prison sentence.

But the 21-year-old was locked up by York's new top judge, who said the victim was in a "shocking state" and had "blood all over him".

And he warned that those who kick others on the ground will go to jail.

Judge Sean Morris told Archibold: “It is far too serious to suspend it (the prison sentence).

“When you get to Hull Prison and they ask you why, tell them ‘because I kicked a man in the head’.

“When the boot goes in the defendant goes in (to jail)."

Archibold, of Greenwood Grove, Foxwood, denied a charge of causing actual bodily harm.

He failed to turn up for his trial before York magistrates and was convicted in his absence.

Arrested on a warrant, he admitted skipping bail and was sent to York Crown Court for sentence.

He was jailed for two years.

Describing the incident on May 14 last year in Abbot Street, The Groves, York, the judge said it was a sustained attack.

Archibold repeatedly kicked the victim when he was “prone on the ground”.

He ceased the attack for a time, but resumed it after the victim had collapsed.

“You would have seen blood all over him,” the judge told Archibold.

“You were described by witnesses kicking him twice in the head.

“He was in a shocking state physically and had to be kept in hospital.”

Judge Morris took over as resident judge in charge of York Crown Court last month.