RESIDENTS’ parking schemes could be rolled out in every terraced street within York's outer ring road.

But the cost of permits would need to be “much lower” than they currently are - a standard one year household permit is £99.95 in York and rises to £187.50 for a second permit.

Deputy leader of City of York Council Andy D’Agorne said residents will be invited to have their say on changes to parking arrangements in the city ahead of major developments such as the opening of the Community Stadium and York Central, which could put pressure on spaces.

A report Cllr D’Agorne will deliver at a council meeting next week says: “I would also like to see a wider conversation with residents, businesses and key stakeholders about the merits of a wider zoning scheme within the ring road to include all terraced streets, but with annual permit charges comparable to the much lower rates in other Yorkshire towns and places like Sheffield.

“I believe such a move would be more equitable and also complement our transport strategy by moving commuter traffic either onto using public transport or using council car parks rather than inner city streets.”

He said he has asked for money to be put towards paying a council officer to tackle the backlog of ResPark zone requests and look at overhauling the system.

And he added: “Getting some resources for staff who could work on the potential zones we have got already is the first step.

“At the moment it is an aspiration to look at what the costs would be, what the timescale would be and what residents’ reactions would be to rolling out residents parking on terraced streets within the ring road.

“There are changes in the future, such as the opening of the new Community Stadium, that will result in changes to parking in the city, so we need to look at the big picture. We need to look at what will make sense for residents, businesses and visitors.

“I want to work with ward councillors on this and have already had discussions about problems in different parts of the city.”

The council will also look at cutting waiting list times and introducing an online system to manage residents’ parking.

Clifton councillors are calling for a survey to find out if residents want the whole neighbourhood around Bootham Crescent football ground to be turned into a new ResPark zone, rather than permits being rolled out on a street-by-street basis.

Labour councillor Margaret Wells said: “Parking in Clifton has become a real concern for many residents who cannot park anywhere near their own home, which cannot be right.

“If the council is looking to review ResPark then in our view it needs a complete overhaul.

“ResPark schemes should be made cheaper for residents, and the system needs to have sufficient capacity to be able to deal with the huge backlog of streets on the waiting list. Some residents will be waiting several years to even have their streets considered, in which time parking problems will only get far worse.”

Some roads, such as Newborough Street, previously voted not to introduce a residents’ parking zone.

The meeting takes place on Wednesday at 5.30pm at West Offices.