CITY of York Council could receive huge public approval if, when it redevelops Parliament Street’s centre-piece, it includes a free drinking water fountain with separate tap to allow water bottles to be topped up with ease.

Equally Yorkshire Water should be encouraged to renovate the handsome double-sided granite drinking water facility, built in 1880 and which embodies the crossed keys emblem of St Peter, which is located within the railings at the busy entrance gate to Museum Gardens in Lendal.

Again, to assist the topping up of water bottles a solitary tap should be added.

Perhaps both these projects are too much to wish for, but we can all live in hope!

Are there any other defunct drinking water fountains in our great city that could be resurrected?

Geoffrey Widdows,

St Leonard’s Mews, York

I, like, sort of, like, think there’s too many ‘likes’

SO, I, like, agree with, kind of, Helen Mead about dumping ‘like’ (I’m impressed by school’s stance on saying ‘like’, June 24) which, sort of, Maureen Robinson (Letters, June 28) was saying, kind of, too.

Are there any other, like, words to, sort of, dump?

I, like, think that there, kind of, are.

What might they, like, be? So, like, sort of, Brexit, kind of, would be, like, good.

Any, like, others? So, kind of, Boris, like, sort of, too?

Quentin Macdonald,

Church Lane,

Nether Poppleton,


Perhaps it’s time we let Scotland go free...

Irrespective of what Gordon Brown says, Scotland, Wales and Ulster always have been junior members of the United Kingdom, reliant on financial assistance from England. Two of them realise which side their bread is buttered on. It is time we gave the third the independence it deserves, releasing more money for everybody else.

Peter Rickaby, West Park, Selby

We are so lucky to have our wonderful NHS

Recently I fell off my bicycle and broke my hip.

With the help of the nurses, physios and occupational therapists I was soon sent home from hospital to find all the equipment I needed to help me cope with everyday living.

I was really impressed by the communication between the hospital and the community team and also within the community team between the physiotherapists and the community nurses. All this helped in my speedy recovery.

I hear many complaints about the NHS but having lived in two countries where there was no free medical care I am thankful I live in a country with such a wonderful service.

Debbie Wright,

Severus Street,


Date of next York blood support group meeting

The next meeting of the York Haematology Support Group for people dealing with blood cancer will be held on Thursday, July 4 at 7pm at Huntington Working Mens Club. Patients, families, carers, friends and newcomers are welcome. No need to book just turn up on the night, ample free parking.

Our guest speaker will be Professor Paul Genever from the biology department at the University of York.

Carol Miller,

Priors Walk, Acomb,