POLICE in North Yorkshire are warning residents about "press one" phone scams.

This is where fraudsters may call a person, out of the blue, then tell them something like "there is a warrant for your arrest/your internet is going to be cut off/there is a problem with your computer/you have a refund waiting/money is being withdrawn from your bank."

The fraudster will then tell them to "press one."

At this point, they will be transferred to another person and there may be a large connection fee for this, sometimes upwards of £5.

The call will then cost the recipient, and their aim is to keep that person talking for as long as possible, as the call may be costing them upwards of £3.60 per minute.

Should they then abstract personal information about the call recipient, there are further opportunities for them to defraud that person using a different method.

North Yorkshire Police said people should hang up the phone if they are told to "press one" and then don't try to ring the caller back.