York fitness expert shares some summer fitness tips

SUMMERTIME has arrived and with it the sunshine has inspired many to tone up, lose weight and get in shape.

Summer is my favourite season. It really opens up a whole load of potential activities to mix up your workouts; you can go for bike rides, long walks, games in the park, outdoor jogging or running, and even swimming in the sea on holidays.

The motivation to get out and do something is far greater than when it’s cold and miserable outside.

But there are potential pitfalls you can fall into, so here’s my guide on how to prepare yourself and get the best out of your summer workouts...

1 Do drink lots of fluid: Hot weather and sunshine causes the body to sweat more and this will increase during even mild exercise such as walking, so make sure you replace the fluids you are losing or you will run the risk of dehydration. Try to drink a pint of water about an hour before working out and also rehydrate after your workout.

2 Don’t eat protein before working out: Eating protein can increase your core temperature which when working out in warm temperatures could cause heat shock. You are much better off reloading on protein after your workout.

3 Do lower your core temp before working out: Consume some ice-based drinks about an hour before exercise or have an ice-cold bath or shower to lower your core temperature which will help you maximise your performance and delay the effects of the warm weather on your body.

4 Don’t work out between 12 and 3: The midday sun is obviously when temperatures and UV exposure are at their highest points so try to avoid this time of the day. And don’t forget your suncream.

5 Do get outside though: The sunshine won’t last forever so make the most of it while you can because before you know it it’ll be dark and cold again.

6 Don’t wear cotton: Any cotton kit is going to not only soak up any perspiration, but also rub in all the wrong places. Look for man made fibres/technical gear that is designed to wick away the moisture and sit comfortable against the skin.

7 Do set out your kit the night before: So that you can save time in the morning by getting straight into it. This helps you with the usual excuse of not being able to find your kit first thing.

8 Don’t push too hard: Working out in the heat is going to be tougher on the body, so don’t be surprised if a workout that you’ve done in cooler temperatures feels harder when it’s warm.

9 Do buddy up with someone: Summer can get busy so having someone else to hold you accountable will do wonders for keeping you on track for all those times that it would be easier to skip a session.

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