AN AMBITIOUS teenager has won the Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation Psychology Prize 2019 in recognition of being an 'outstanding' student.

The award is given annually in memory of former York College student Caroline Stuttle who was killed during her gap year.

Francesca Payne who has studied A Levels in Psychology, Sociology and Religious Studies at York College said it was a privilege to receive the honour.

She hopes to study a degree in psychology at the University of York in September.

Caroline's mother Marjorie Marks-Stuttle who presented her with a certificate and gift voucher said: “I am very touched that York College continues to award this prize annually in memory of my daughter Caroline, who was tragically murdered during her gap year in Australia in 2002.

"Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation engages with young people and continues to promote safer travel around the world. My daughter studied A Level Psychology at York College and, like Francesca, was passionate about the subject. I wish Francesca every success as she progresses to university to further her studies.”

Francesca, 18, who volunteered and now works for SNAPPY working with disabled children and children with additional needs, said: “I have loved studying psychology over the last two years and am thrilled to have found a subject that I feel so passionate about. I’m incredibly thankful that my work has being recognised in this way.”

She said her work with SNAPPY had led her to want to work in child psychology in the future.

"Having had personal experience of mental health issues in the past, I appreciate the differences that psychologists made to my life - I’d love to be that person helping someone else.”

Psychology tutor Andy Higgs said: “Francesca is an outstanding student of psychology. Her attention to detail and desire to produce the very best that she can, has been an inspiration to her peers and teaching staff alike. This, whilst handling personal adversity, is why I believe she will go on to be a brilliant psychologist at university. I could not be more pleased she has won the Rainbow Foundation Award this year.”